About NYF

Picture this… you are at work, bored as shit. You don’t feel like finishing the project just yet and are looking for a way to pass time before to get the hell out of there. That is where we come in.

Have you ever been at work and someone sends you a funny picture, video link, or awesome article? Sure it has nothing to do about work and is most likely vulgar… But it is damn funny. Well that is what we post on Not Yet Fired.  Sure, surfing around NYF will keep productivity a little down and may lead to non work related conversations. Buy sometimes life needs to shine through the cubicle and make someone laugh.

Overall, our goal has always been to provide a funny website where people can go and be entertained. We find all of the best videos, pictures, jokes from the around the internet and post them up. We also enjoy writing informative and entertaining articles. Are we going to break the next Watergate scandal? Nope. But we might just help you make it through the day so you can get home and have a drink.

Beyond that, Not Yet Fired is located in Kansas City, MO. We love our BBQ (Arthur Bryant’s is our favorite) the Chiefs and the Royals. If you are looking for a cool vacation, check KC out. If you ae looking for an awesome beach… get a damn map because we are nowhere close to one.

So enjoy all of the very funny stuff on Not Yet Fired and don’t laugh too loud… you don’t want your boss to hear you slacking off!

Questions? Comments? Need the meaning of the universe or how to cure toenail fungus? Contact us today! (P.S. we are not scientists or medical professionals).