Now, we’ve all heard of the typical tourist destinations in Egypt but I know 1 place you have probably never heard of before on an Egyptian vacation. I was originally going to write about 3 different locations in Egypt that are not as popular as Cairo but I decided I have a lot to write about this one special place.

Allow me to introduce to you El Gouna.

El Gouna, which means “the lagoon” is a small town which is about 15 miles away from the main city of Hurghada. El Gouna is a tourist destination but it’s mostly a vacation spot for Egyptians but has been recently been more popular with European tourists. If you’re trying to get an idea of the city, El Gouna reminded me of Los Cabos in Mexico. Due to its desert location, the weather is always sunny all year round but be careful in July and August — you wouldn’t want to go outside without sunscreen.

Egyptian Vacation El Gouna

There are different beach clubs you can go to depending on your preferences. There’s MOODS Restaurant & Beach Club, which is right on the beach for those who love the sand. On the other hand, if you don’t, I recommend CLUB 88, which has a small swimming pool with a bar and they also offer delicious food, so it’s a great place to spend the day by the pool, have some lunch, and yummy cocktails. Next, I would recommend The Club House, which offers visitors lounge area right on the lagoon and a larger pool (compared to Club 88). It also offers food, shisha, and even massages (if you make an appointment ahead). The MOODS and The Club House are definitely more family-friendly places.

If you’re in a sporty mood and looking for a place to try out different watersports or water activites, Gouna is THE place to do this. It’s quite affordable and there’s different places that offer everything from snorkeling to kiteboarding. Check out Sliders Cable Park as they also have a fun inflatable structure that’s great for the family or a group of friends to enjoy.

There are 3 main squares in Gouna: Downtown, Tamr Henna Square, and the beautiful Abu Tig Marina but the best part of Gouna is you don’t need a car! All you need is your two feet or you can grab a tuk-tuk to get from your hotel to the main areas. There are many restaurants that sell yummy seafood and many mini markets around the town for your grocery trips.


If you’re feeling fancy and craving a juicy steak, don’t miss out on the steaks at Pier 88. In a dancing mood? Check out Aurora Night Club, which is right on the water and has different music depending on the night and if you just want a couple of drinks, go to the Bartender, which is a bar perfectly located 2 minutes away from Aurora so you don’t have to call an Uber.

Also, if you are staying for a couple of days, my tip is to go to Orange and buy a temporary SIM card for approximately $8. It will allow you to have an Egyptian phone number and 3G. If you are staying for more than 3 days, I highly recommend doing this.

Gouna is an amazing little town where you can enjoy the sun, the sea, and different water activities including boat rentals. Next time you plan an Egyptian vacation to Egypt, think of skipping out on the touristic Sharm el Sheikh and get yourself ready for Gouna.

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