Mario Kart Star Wars Looks Awesome!

We have all wasted endless time on both Mario and Star Wars. So before Disney kills our beloved Star Wars saga with 9 movies in 9 years… let’s waste a little more time.

Ice Ball Cocktail… Impressive

Impress your friends and be labeled the cool kid for once. Enjoy this cocktail because the cool won’t last and you will be back to playing Risk on Friday night soon enough.

Bruce Springsteen Take it Easy

Here is the boss doing what the boss does.

Neighbors 2 Movie Trailer

The first neighbors movie was pretty solid. And since the movie industry remakes absolutely anything that shows a profit, we now have neighbors 2. It actually looks entertaining.

billy madison academic decathlon categories

Billy Madison Academic Decathlon Categories

What a great scene. In the heat of an Academic Decathlon at Knibb High School, Billy Madison & Eric (the asshole who still attends Billy’s winners ceremony) are tied. The winner gets a chain of hotels. Let’s look past the fact that the judges to this point have pretty much…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Friends. Enjoy your family and clean those shitters.

Bad Lip Reading – Star Wars

Frickin Indian C3PO… just hilarious.

Knock Knock Trailer

There is a new Keanu movie coming out that looks very intriguing. Sadistic hot chicks soing what hot chicks normally do… convince rich people to bone them and then torture them mentally and physically. Pretty normal stuff.

There’s A New Vacation Coming Out This Year

It has been a lot of years since we saw Chevy Chase head out on a vacation to meet that son of a bitch Marty Moose. John Candy was hilarious, Beverly D’Angelo was smoking hot, and Christie Brinkley gave us all hope that normal looking dudes could skinny dip with…

The New Point Break Trailer is Here!

Johnny Utah is one of the coolest movie names in history. If that was our name, we would have acomplished a lot more with our life, chicks would throw themselves at us, and money would fall from our money trees. Unfortunately we are not Johnny Utah. Oh well, we will…