Mario Kart Star Wars Looks Awesome!

We have all wasted endless time on both Mario and Star Wars. So before Disney kills our beloved Star Wars saga with 9 movies in 9 years… let’s waste a little more time.

Hover Board Catches on Fire

Well… the escalated quickly. I am kind of glad Santa didn’t bring one for me this Christmas because I am a big fan of living and unscortched ankles.

Amateur Builds An Awesome Submarine

I built a submarine once. It sank and I almost drowned. This dude however is much smarted and tallented than I. You can check out his awesome submarine… inside and out.

Star Wars Battlefront Preview

For Star Wars fans old enough to have experienced George Lucas’ original trilogy on the big screen in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the wait for something exciting has been a very long one. After Lucas botched the prequel trilogy with too much Jar Jar Binks and galactic politics and too…