Driving An Original Ford Model T

Driving a Ford Model T is harder than you would think.

Super Mega Rich Man Project Magnitude Yacht

So I am in the market for a family yacht. Checked this one out but it just wasn’t for me. If it can’t go back in time then I am just not that interested.

Hilarious Kansas City Tour

Whether you are from Kansas City or not (we are) you have to find this pretty hilarious. We hope they decide to do all cities. Ar if they don’t, maybe you can decide to do one for your city. Just don’t make it suck. Either way, you should visit KC…

Vacation Company Receives Hilarious Reviews

You can’t please everyone, that is a fact in customer service. But it would seem that Thomas Cook Vacations maybe received a few unwarranted negative feedback comments from its customers. The only thing we know for sure is that we do not want to be friends with any of these…