Neighbors 2 Movie Trailer

The first neighbors movie was pretty solid. And since the movie industry remakes absolutely anything that shows a profit, we now have neighbors 2. It actually looks entertaining.

Taco Joint Turns Burglary Footage into Funny Commercial

Two dumbasses go into a taco joint and rob them. All of this is caught on tape… So the owners decided to use the footage for a new hilarious commercial. I’m sure the masterminds got caught and now are eating jail tacos (whatever the hell that means).

Snoop Dominates Plinko on TPIR

“That D.O. double G is fo rizzle.” -Bob Barker.

A Griswold Christmas at it’s Finest

Merry Christmas everyone. We hope your enjoy your holiday with your family… just like Clark did.

Chin Up Fail

Go back to the gym buddy… your home equipment is not up to par.