2 Hours of Freedom

2 Hours of sweet, sweet freedom. He might regret that decision. Unless he was able to stop and get some Chipotle… Nobody in the history of burritos has ever regretted that decision.

Mario Kart Star Wars Looks Awesome!

We have all wasted endless time on both Mario and Star Wars. So before Disney kills our beloved Star Wars saga with 9 movies in 9 years… let’s waste a little more time.

Ice Ball Cocktail… Impressive

Impress your friends and be labeled the cool kid for once. Enjoy this cocktail because the cool won’t last and you will be back to playing Risk on Friday night soon enough.

Woman sets fire to her husband’s hair during night out at a bar

Woman sets fire to her husband’s hair during night out at a bar

The Different Types of Males

Who knew there were so many different types of males.

Driving An Original Ford Model T

Driving a Ford Model T is harder than you would think.

Bruce Springsteen Take it Easy

Here is the boss doing what the boss does.

Neighbors 2 Movie Trailer

The first neighbors movie was pretty solid. And since the movie industry remakes absolutely anything that shows a profit, we now have neighbors 2. It actually looks entertaining.

Hover Board Catches on Fire

Well… the escalated quickly. I am kind of glad Santa didn’t bring one for me this Christmas because I am a big fan of living and unscortched ankles.