We all need some new music in our lives because hearing the same songs for 25 year can wear on your brain and make you want to hurt others. A new song that really vibes with your brain can do wonders for your attitude. You can go from angry to happy in a matter of seconds. As I am sure you know, some songs can make you want to drink, some make you want to cry and some make you want to mosh. But hopefully these will make you want to dance your heart out.

Dance Your Heart Out

Here at Not Yet Fired, we don’t really care about genres. Everyone likes what they like and that isn’t going to change. SO you will most likely not like all of these selections… and that is OK. It is ok to only care for one or two. Out goal is help you find a new song or two, maybe even an artist you can get on board with. We don’t want to hear your bitching like… “Country music…. I don’t want to date my dog.” or “No! I don’t want to rave until 3am and then go to an orgy.” Be nice, if you don’t like that song, move to the next. We are going to cover many different (hopefully new) and upcoming artists.

And no, we are not trying to be this incredibly hip, underground blog that is the first to discover a new unsigned band. These have been discovered and might even be very popular already. Get off your high horse music snob…

Lose Control by Meduza, Becky Hill, Goodboys

LOVE IS GONE by Local Nomad

Grew Up On That by High Valley

Johnny Run Away by Tones and I

Good Lord by Birds of Tokyo

Boyfriend by Mabel

Someone else by Duncan Laurence

Cherry Red by Roxen

Rise by Will Evans

There you have it, some new music to ponder, listen to and dance your heart out.

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