Here are some fails that we can’t stop watching. Why? Because we, as human beings, love watching others humiliate themselves so we feel a little more human. Nobody is perfect but our society seems to think we should hold everyone up to that standard for some reason. Well most of us know the truth which is everyone fails and everyone falls and everyone looks like an idiot from time to time. Our parents didn’t have to worry about it so much because every move they made was not recorded on video and then uploaded to social media. Kids these days live with the normal pressure of growing up but also with the added bonus of, when they screw up, it will be on video and never forgotten.

Now, as a person, there are a few things we can do, if you want, to minimize the likelihood of doing something stupid the hurts. For example… lets just go ahead and stay of zip lines… specifically home made ones and ones that some drunk redneck put up to go flipping into a lake. Unless you are a zip line pro and have the needed arm strength to do it, pass and get in to the river like a normal person. If we are being honest here, the older you are and the more overweight you are, greatly increases the probability of things going badly. Let’s be realistic with who we are people.

zip line fails

Another thing to stay away from is skateboards. However, if anyone not coordinated enough gets on one, they probably deserve what is coming to them. A small board on wheels that requires a lot of balance and 52 year old Dan gets on one to impress his son… yeah, his knee is going to be hurting for the rest of his life. Go ahead and throw scooters in this same boat as well.

SO here is the video of fails that you can’t stop watching.

Another one.

I think the key is to being self aware of your athletic ability, coordination and how your body relates to the world of feats of strength. And try not to fall for pranks as well, that is half of these things.

Can't Stop Watching

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