Say you have a problem… A peeing problem. You own this alley and for some reason, people think it is OK to urinate in it. You are left with the smell and the cleanup. Well that happened to one guy and he came up with a great revenge plot. He installed a large water hose at the top of the alley and sprays people as they started peeing. The best part is that he video taped it for us to enjoy and make fun of the pee-ers. Not that we have never had to pee in an alley, but come on, this is s funny shower revenge.

The commentary is pretty funny at times. My favorite one is the dude who gets sprayed and just moves down a little bit like the hose can’t reach him there, then gets sprayed again. I love it. This is the revenge videos I am here for.

Funny Shower Revenge

And while researching this great video, we came across a similar situation only this involves a guy who lives very close to Burbon Street in New Orleans. Unfortunately his is not automatic and behind a large brick wall. He has to manually get out the hose and squirt the urinating drunks. Still some pretty funny shower revenge with a hose reactions and you can read more here.

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