Times are tough and booze is valuable in a persons health and wellness. It is essential as we all know now and that designation can’t be overthrown. With unemployment up and our spirit down in the dumps, many people turn to a little sip of the good stuff to brighten things up and bring out the smiles. Keep in mind when making moonshine, we are not lawyers and making and distilling alcohol at home has many laws and a lot of it is probably against the law. Do your homework so you don’t get into trouble. We would hate to have to do a video on the best ways to make toilet wine from a prison commode.

making moonshine

Moving forward, this video will teach you how to make a corn whiskey moonshine mash. This all grain corn whisky recipe is very easy to make and will yield a final product that tastes smooth and has a rich aroma and flavor. You will need some Home Distilling Equipment to do the job right. This video contains a lot of useful and informative tips and information about distilling so you can learn how to reach the right ABV for fuel alcohol or consumption and so you can learn how to boost the ABV if needed. To make this moonshine mash we use flaked corn, crushed barley, and craft distillers yeast made by Whitestar. We also discuss the legalities of distilling and owning a still at the end of the video. Watch until the end to learn how to legally distill alcohol.

Here is another pretty good one.

When it comes to a standard moonshine, you can let the simple rye or barley flavors stand out or you can infuse others. I am sure you have seen them on the liquor store shelves and they can range from simple fruits to a combination fit for a chick who hates the taste of liquor. But it is a complicated process to properly get flavors into the hootch when making moonshine. You can’t just make the booze then put a few peach slices into it. You actually infuse the peach with your mash and bring out the flavor when the alcohol is distilled. I know, science right!  Either way, here are our top 5 flavors of Moonshine.

Apple Pie Moonshine
How could we even start a moonshine recipe list without including everyone’s favorite Apple Pie Moonshine? Apple cider, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and nutmeg combine to form a deliciously potent drink that tastes just like apple juice and makes you kiss like a floozy.

Jalapeno Pecan Moonshine
With a jalapeño heat at the heart of this, you won’t believe just how deliciously sweet and tart the full sip is when it infuses with the moonshine. Who doesn’t want to sweat a little while drinking? Want next day’s toilet experience to be memorable, drink a lot of this around a campfire.

Peppermint Moonshine
A winter classic, Peppermint Moonshine uses the sweet power of candy canes to create the Peppermint taste. Christmas times is a season for being with family, getting into fights and then drinking the moonshine to either intensify the fights or forget them.

Cherry Pie Moonshine
Picture this… a warm summer day and you the afternoon is starting to heat up. You find a shady spot and pout yourself a iced glass of moonshine with 5-6 cherry fruits on top. It is like a sangria for people who don’t want to mess around with a small buzz.

Watermelon Crawl
Watermelon is fresh and has such a bright taste. Most of the time, you can’t even taste the booze in here so you can go from having a good time to barfing out your 1998 Camero’s window if you are not careful. Hince the name, watermelon crawl.

Do you know where we actually get a lot of our moonshine knowledge? Yes, the Moonshiners TV show because who doesn’t love a bunch a redneck people who just DGAF and make back woods hooch in a homemade setup with awesome nicknames. Tickle… check. Digger, Chico and Jim Tom… Triple check. I’m pretty sure combined the cast has enough teeth for a full humans mouth, but that adds to the charm of the show. Will they get caught? Will they finish the run so their customers won’t go to another distiller? What will get blown up by dynamite this episode? What a solid TV show.

popcorn sutton

However, the matriarch and one of the first people to ever do it was named Popcorn Sutton. He had a long career making moonshine and bootlegging through the Application Mountains. He wrote a self-published autobiographical guide to moonshining production, self-produced a home video depicting his moonshining activities, and was later the subject of several documentaries, including one that received a Regional Emmy Award. It is called This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make. And it is free to watch on YouTube.

No go out there and get drunk today. What else do you really have going on?

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