The Funniest Strip Club Names usually take a funny sexual innuendo or catch phrase and turn it around a little. But I admire these because they are not trying to be more than they are. They are not claiming to be the Pearl Diamond where the classiest women come to dance and you need 3k to get a table. At the minnow bucket, you can bring about $20 hand have a hell of a good night.


Chix On Dix

Funniest Strip Club Names


Sexual Harassment Pub Cherry

Fuzzy Holes

Art’s Performing Center Gentleman’s Club

Boobie Bungalow

Gaslamp Strip Club

Bare Elegance

George’s Dancin’ Bare


The Rear End

Volcanic Eruptions

The Lumberyard

The Great Alaskan Bush Co.


Wesley’s Boobie Trap

Chicas Locas (Crazy Ladies)

Adult Cabaret


Cruisin’ Chubby’s

Y.E. Starbutts

Uranus Lounge



These guys read small town strip club reviews. It’s hilarious.

And while we are on the subject of the funniest strip club names, we are a big fan of stripper names and the creativity behind them. We are not talking about a name that sounds good while being read out loud at college graduation. We are talking about a name that sounds good when the announcer reads it on the loud speaker at Teaser’s steak and boob bar. So here is out top 10 list of best stripper names.

10. Candy
Sweet and sultry. Always has a sucker to really drive the candy part home.

9. Anastasia
Kind of sounds like a princess name after all the good ones are taken.

8. Cherry
Every strip club on the planet has a Cherry working there. They are all older than 38.

7. Jade
Going for high end but you know… affordable.

6. Raven
Are they evil? From the darkside? The answer is yes.

5. Trinity
The white trash version of creativity in the 90s.

4. Porsche
Imagine where you want to lose your virginity if it had to be a car. But astro van is not sexy enough.

3. Nevaeh
We know, heaven spelled backwards but realistically this is the real life name of most strippers.

2. Luscious
Overly sexual name for the ladies who could double as an arm wrestling champion.

1. Cinnamon
Whats to come off as spicy but usually a nice person who needs cash for her boyfriend on disability.

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