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Know a couple things about writing? SEO? Content marketing? Awesomely weird news? We are looking for you!

First off, we recommend you contact us prior to submitting your full post. Your inquiry should include your proposed title, a brief synopsis, your email address, and your bio (which your bio can include the link you plan to submit with your article). Although we write about all sorts of topics here on Not Yet Fired, when it comes to guest writing, we are really looking for unique and interesting posts.

Once your proposal is submitted, we will get back to you and let you know if your article will be considered for inclusion on the website. If it is approved, we’ll let you know the next steps to get it published. Please keep in mind that all articles need to be original work, pass copyscape (or other copyright software), be professionally written with SEO in mind and have a minimum of 500-8000 words. If you submit pictures (which is not required) with your writing, you must prove you have 100% legal rights to use them. You can also include a bio with your work to help build your portfolio as well (2 links max). You can include relevant outside links, however affiliate links of any kind are not allowed. Please keep in mind that Not Yet Fired can change or modify your submitted article anyway as we see see fit.

Do we pay? Short answer is YES! But probably not on your first article… or at least not much. But if you submit quality work, our readers love it and your are a pleasure to work with, we might just offer you some cash for more writing. Build your portfolio and make some money… why the hell not.

When you are ready to submit an article please contact us at info at notyetfired dot com.

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