Hand digging a pool just sounds like a lot of hard work and these dudes prove that to be correct. So here are two guys who basically just want to get a little relief from the hot ass sun in whatever country they are from. Armed with 2 sticks that have a blade on the end, these guys build an awesome looking pool and bamboo hut. But not only that, they make their own bricks and have a good looking design. No bulldozer or ready made products to buy at Home Depot. They hand make it all.

amazon survival

Here is the video

Their YouTube channel is called Primitive Survival and they do all sorts of cool as stuff.

I do have a few questions like what happens after they are done? I would imagine you get a solid week or two of fun but with no filter, I am sure it gets a little skuzzy pretty quickly and can’t really be used anymore. And where is this forest at? Talk about having good friends… If you go through their videos, they have made all sorts of awesome things in their forest. Need a spa? Pool? Villa? They have you covered.

Hand Digging

Where do they get the video equipment? Who knows. But if we had 00.01% of their dedication, we might just be presidents… or at least have more money than the current situation of trying to make 20 chicken nuggets last for 3 meals.

Here is another one their hand digging videos if interested.

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